Organize a Wedding


After the so expected proposal, every bride wish to have an unforgettable wedding.
The attention to small details and the refinement of every particulars will make the wedding personal and original and definitely not boring.
Mix together the various elements of a wedding and coordinate it is not always easy, but, with the help of a wedding planner and a wedding project you can obtain a unique and pleasant result.

To make a unique marriage the wedding project have to denote the likings, preferences and choices of the spouses.
There are many questions and matters to solve, but all you have to do is remember that this is the day of the “celebration of love”.
The spouses will have to deal with decisions, compromises and discussions: some may be simple, some funny, others difficult, but all are important.
The secret is to be focused and super organized: in that way you can plan a wedding in5 simple steps!


1) Choosing the date

This is one of the most important decisions. It is not only the first question everyone will ask you, but it is indispensable to plan your wedding. Moreover you could choose your theme, the perfect location, the flowers, the outfits and all other items according to the season chosen for your wedding.


2) Setting the style of your event

It is the moment to decide the kind of ceremony, civil or religious, indoors or outdoors. Make sure you will make much of music, readings and marriage vows: they will make your wedding unforgettable. Choose between a formal wedding or a theme wedding.
A specific “fil rouge” will make your marriage unique, personal and unforgettable.


3) Setting the the budget

Check your financial resources! I kindly recommend every couple to avoid any debt, as much as possible. Pay attention not to spend money when not necessary. You can realize an unforgettable wedding even with a not so high budget.
You just have to remember what is important and what is not to you.


4) Choosing the location

Many locations are reserved one year in advance, so that the spouses could have more time to organize their wedding in the most detailed way. From villas to castles, from restaurants to hotels. The choice depends on your personal liking and on the style of your wedding. You also have to take account of some fundamental points: the number of your guests, their age and origin, the distance from the ceremony location and last, but not least, the season.


5) Choosing the assistants

Evaluate to rely on a wedding planner may turn out to be the right choice. Especially if you are a very busy person or if you find some difficulties in the management of all the things that make up a wedding: ask information, confirm bookings, and so on…

A professional person may be a precious help to put together your wishes and realize with you and for you the perfect day. He/she also may help you saving time and money.
Otherwise, bets men, parents and best friends will have to be really close to you during your wedding day: engage them and they could help you in the organization and planning of your wedding.

wedding planner firenze

After having make all these important decisions and create a solid base for your wedding, it’s time to deal with the most amazing things: dresses, flowers, music, party favors and much more!

So look after every small details and create your perfect day with us!!!

Refinement, Elegance, Tradition

Let’s create together your perfect wedding and turn it into an exclusive and exciting event.

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All you have to do is to enjoy the deepest emotions of your marriage

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